For children living with a new heart, a life-saving heart transplant is only the start of their journey. Our vision is a world where every child that needs a new heart is able to get one that lasts a lifetime.

We Made an Impact This Summer

Enduring Hearts has funded three new ideas, two are new and safer ways to diagnose rejection and one is a way to help our kids graduate from childhood to adulthood. Two of these funded ideas could even lead to ways to reduce rejection and reduce the uncertainty of whether our kids are taking just the right medications to prevent rejection. For those of you who would like a few more details, click here to read more about the three grants we funded this summer.

Nominate Your Heart Hero Today!

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond in caring for pediatric heart transplant patients? Now you can acknowledge these heart heroes by nominating them for the Enduring Heart & Soul Transplant Coordinator Award!

This award is designed to celebrate the invaluable role that pediatric heart transplant coordinators have in coaching those going through the transplantation journey. The Heart & Soul Award seeks to recognize one standout coordinator for their exemplary service and care. This provides an opportunity to nominate and acknowledge the many unsung heroes that play such a critical role on a child's’ heart transplant team.

Click here to learn more or to nominate your heart hero.

Tell Us Your Story!

We are looking to tell stories about real children and families and their heart transplant journey. We have discovered that most people do not realize that a transplant is not a cure and as you know, kids face many challenges before and after their transplant.

Sadly, only .001% of all national funding is directed toward their needs. We are trying to change that! Enduring Hearts is the only nonprofit dedicated solely to changing this reality through funding both lifesaving and life-changing pediatric heart transplant research.

We would love to feature a photo and a few sentences about your child to share your family’s transplant story. These experiences will be shared online as well as at our events to help us bring awareness to our mission and the need for dedicated funding to help all kids living with a new heart.

If you would like to help families like yours, please send a few pictures of your child or your family as well as short paragraph in no more than 250 words to  Only your story and your child's first name and age will be shared, all stories received by October 31, 2019,  will receive a small gift from Enduring Hearts as a token of our appreciation!
Road to Recovery Tote Bag Program Launch
Thank you for the generous donation from the Stable Ground Foundation that is funding our Road to Recovery Tote Bag Program!
Thanks to the generosity of the volunteers at The Piedmont Group, we were able to fill 500 tote bags that provide heart families with valuable resources and some of the often forgotten necessities to help them along their transplant journeys. These have been shipped out to 25 transplant centers to reach heart families across the country! Click here to see if your transplant center is enrolled in this program.

These bags will contain the PHTS Guidebook for patients and families as well as a journal, stuffed moose, $10 pizza gift card and many other valuable resources for these families.

Heart2Heart Forum for Families is Launching in October!

This October, we are launching the brand new Heart2Heart Forum! The goal of this forum is to provide families with an online portal that will allow them to connect and chat about their experiences with people along the same journey in a safe, private setting. 

This will be moderated and members will have to be approved in order to be accepted into this private forum. We are very excited to offer this resource to heart families like yours!

New Funding Initiative to Improve Quality of Donor Hearts

This fall, we will be funding The Hoffman Schroepfer Donor Heart Improvement Initiative! This will be an amazing, new donor heart initiative that has the potential to save the lives of children around the world!

After a heart is donated the time to transplant or ischemic time cannot surpass 6 hours. This grant opportunity will help improve both the quality of donated hearts and improve the viability of the hearts, thus making more available for those waiting for their first heart as well as those needing a re-transplant.

We have received 27 Letters of Intent for this new research grant and have invited 25 of them back to submit full proposals. We are very excited to see what this grant will accomplish! 

Q&A with Dr. Boo

Q: Do you know what percentage of heart transplant recipients are able to work full time? Do you know what percentage of transplant recipients receive disability benefits as adults?
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Each newsletter we will feature Dr. Boo's responses to questions from our heart families.
Do you have any questions or concerns?
Dr. Robert Boucek has 40 years of experience as a clinician & researcher with pediatric heart transplants
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