Storytime With Fabio

Storytime with Fabio Napoleoni!
Join us on 4/26 @ 7:00 on Facebook Live
Gather around with your family for Storytime with the artist Fabio Napoleoni. Fabio will share his book Dragonboy a character inspired by his son. After the story, Fabio will hold a drawing lesson for the audience.

Spend time listening to the adventures of Dragonboy and have your sketchpad handy.

Fabio Napoleoni is an artist whose paintings and prints have touched the hearts and minds of children and adults for years. Fabio Napoleoni is best known for Marcenivo, a character he began drawing during the many months his infant daughter was battling a life-threatening heart condition.

After being introduced to Enduring Hearts, Fabio created the lovable character, Manya. Over the years, Fabio has generously donated original artwork dedicated to Enduring Hearts to raise funding for pediatric heart transplant research.

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