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Enduring Hearts
Road to Recovery Tote Bag Program

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and funding contingencies, the Road to Recovery Tote Bag Program is currently on hold. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your transplant center or your family. Please check back periodically to check on the future availability of this program. 

making the road to recovery a little bit easier

Enduring Hearts is partnering with private foundations and corporations to create a heart family go bag. These tote bags will provide families will the extra support that they may need along their journeys.

Thank you to The Piedmont Group for volunteering to help us fill and ship this round of tote bags!

Because a transplant is only a bridge to life for these children, their journey is not only arduous but unpredictable. The generous support from our donors will provide transplant families with a vital resource and a few often forgotten necessities.

The availability of this program is contingent upon funding from our generous donors.
2019 funding provided by Stable Ground Foundation.
The bags will contain a Pediatric Heart Transplant Society Guide for patients and families. It covers pre-transplant, transplantation, and post-transplant information as well as providing additional resources.
It will also include many other valuable resources for these families such as a journal, postcard, hand sanitizer, dental kit, stuffed moose, a deck of cards, a snack, and a $10 pizza gift card.
To enroll for the Enduring Hearts Tote Bag Program, fill out the form below.