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A successful heart transplant should be the end of the journey, but for a child living with a new heart, it is just the beginning. After all, heart transplants don’t last forever, the average only lasts 17 years. While scientific advances have been made to improve graft survival rates during the first year, the long-term survival rate for heart transplantation has only marginally improved.

Most people believe that a transplanted heart is a cure for children born with congenital heart defects, in reality, it is often just a temporary treatment. That is why we fund the often overlooked research needed to help eliminate rejection, prevent life-threatening complications, and reduce the risk that a child will need a second transplant.

What We Research

Enduring Hearts’ Scientific Advisory Committee seeks to fund projects that have a combination of the best science, innovation, and potential for impact.

Since its inception, Enduring Hearts has deployed more than $5.4 million in research funding, aimed at fostering the development of new technologies, creating new guidelines for post-transplant care, improving patients’ compliance with medications, and most importantly, developing less invasive procedures to combat organ rejection.

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Support Our Research

As a donor, you can support our overall research objectives, or target your gift toward specific research projects:

  • Technology and innovation research
  • Research aimed at improving the quality of life for children living with a new heart
  • Transplant longevity, helping to make a transplant last a lifetime
  • Supporting our family programs

Our Past Research

Our Past Research

Enduring Hearts has funded research from the leading institutions across North America. We receive progress reports from the investigators and have established metrics to evaluate our mission progress.
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Family Programs

We offer multiple family programs to help make our heart families transplant journey a little bit easier. We provide support and assistance to pediatric transplant patients and their families through this difficult experience where we can.