Meet Dr. Janet N. Scheel



We are excited to introduce Dr. Janet Scheel, M.D. of the Enduring Hearts Scientific Advisory Committee!

Dr. Janet Scheel, MD. is a pediatric cardiologist. Her areas of interest include pediatric heart transplantation, heart failure, fetal echocardiography and heart disease in children.



She gained her medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine before completing her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital where she became the Senior Assistant Resident.


She completed her fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital.



Q: What made you decide to go into medicine and focusing on specifically pediatric heart transplantation?

A: Always knew I wanted to be a doctor- when I started pediatric cardiology in 1988 was a relatively new and exciting field. We have only grown and improved since then. What I continue to love about it is that there is always something more to learn.


Q: What new emerging technologies are most exciting to you personally/professionally?

A: Precision medicine and the possibilities of tailoring our immunosuppression to the donor/recipient match is very exciting.


Q: What area would you like to see more research funding?

A: Non-invasive diagnosis of rejection, increasing donor supply, tailoring immunosuppression.


Q: On a more personal note, what was your favorite toy growing up?

A: At the risk of dating myself, I had two favorite toys. One was an Irish mail cart which I rode around for hours with my siblings and the other was a pogo stick.


Q: As a child, what were your favorite tv shows or Disney movies?

A: I will again be dating myself – I loved “Leave it to Beaver” and “Gilligan’s Island.” We did not have the money to go to movies often. My favorite and the one I remember going to with the whole family (big treat) was “The Sound of Music.” It is a 20th Century Fox production but that is now owned by Disney so I guess that counts.


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