Enduring Hearts is fully funding an award in partnership with ISHLT up to $160,000 for a two-year study. The winner will be announced at the ISHLT 40th Anniversary Meeting and Scientific Sessions in Montreal, Canada in April. Thank you so much to those that submitted an application! 

Application deadline is February 8, 2021. To learn more about the award or to submit an application, click here.

ENDURING hearts/ phts Racial equality & disparities research grant 

Enduring Hearts recognizes the importance of understanding how race plays a role in health outcomes for children, and this year has highlighted so many inequalities in society. While pediatric heart transplantation impacts all children, studies show that racial disparities exist specifically in mortality rates of non-white children with CHD’s as well for those who are waiting for a transplant. In response, Enduring Hearts has partnered with the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society to fully fund an investigative study to examine these healthcare inequalities and importantly devise mechanisms to address these issues. 

Deadline for Applications was December 30th, 2020. 

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The Enduring Hearts accepts direct grant applications throughout the year with deadlines of May 1, 2021, and October 1, 2021. For specific details about the grant program, contact:

Enduring Hearts Grant Process

Check back periodically for updates on our new direct grant opportunities!




This new $3 Million research initiative will focus on improving outcomes for children undergoing heart transplants.

For the first time, we have joined forces with the American Heart Association to fund pioneering research in pediatric heart transplantation. These awards provide support for investigators who are actively conducting research directly related to improving the life expectancy and quality of life of Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients. This funding opportunity will further these areas of focus by offering competitive research grants in basic, clinical, population, and/or translational research via Collaborative Sciences Awards.

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Enduring Hearts in partnership with Additional Ventures is announcing new funding to stimulate innovative research focusing on identifying, reducing and eliminating pre and post-transplant risk factors that affect outcomes of children born with complex congenital heart disease including single ventricle heart defects.

Congratulations to Kurt Schumacher, MD MS & Melissa Cousino, PhD of the University of Michigan as well as David Rosenthal, MD of Stanford University on being selected as recipients of this grant! 

Click here for more information or to review the RFP.

For questions or to learn more about this grant, please contact

Enduring Hearts partners with the American Heart Association to co-fund meritorious grants focused on pediatric heart transplant science. The SAC peer-reviews numerous grants applications received through the AHA portal to identify those that meet our specific targeted grant areas. Based upon our selection, we may fully fund grant applications or leverage funds through our co-funding agreement with AHA. Please apply through the AHA portal for funding consideration or directly through our website.

Enduring Hearts created a new partnership agreement with the American Heart Association to jointly fund $3,000,000 in pediatric heart transplant research focused on improving the quality of life for children with a new heart and creating discoveries that will help each child have the chance to live a normal, long life! This is the first time the American Heart Association has committed funding specifically to pediatric transplantation. Enduring Hearts Executive Director Carolyn Salvador states, “We are extremely excited to see AHA match our funding levels so that together we can make a significant impact to change clinical practice in the near future.”

The research will focus on critical areas such as improving methods for doctors to detect transplant rejection earlier than a traditional heart biopsy, helping to reduce post-transplant complications and illnesses, and improving the side effects of immunosuppressants.


Enduring hearts funds innovative, cutting-edge pediatric heart transplant research targeted but not limited to the following focal areas:

Transplant Longevity – Identification of early, accurate onset of rejection, development of non-invasive methods to detect rejection, strategies, and techniques to improve long-term graft survival.
Technology Application – Development of new technologies or technological applications that would improve the care and outcomes of transplant recipients
Transplant Immunology – Research and development of novel immunotherapies, identification of novel targets, improving the side-effect profiles of these agents, as well as better monitoring and measurement of immunosuppression.
Organ Matching – Strategies and innovations that would allow better organ matching and allocation.

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology –Development of evidence for pediatric heart recipient nutrition and exercise guidelines that improve the long-term outcomes of pediatric heart transplant recipients.
Medication Compliance –Development of evidence-based strategies to improve adherent behaviors, including medication compliance, especially in adolescent recipients.

Education – Improving patient and family education, related to transplantation.
Pre-Transplant Strategies – Utilizing the latest innovations or new technologies that would improve outcomes for children leading up to and after they receive a heart transplant.

Additional weighting is afforded to those research studies that have the potential to translate within the next five years, directly involves pediatric heart transplant recipients and their families and would promote the standardization of post-transplant care.


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