Enduring Hearts Launches the “Huggable” Pillow Program for Children who have had a heart transplant.

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We are sending out "huggable" pillows to children who have received a heart transplant.

Having a heart-to-heart hug with the EH huggable pillows can lessen pain and makes movement more manageable for children, providing support during their recovery.

These huggable pillows can be used as “cough” pillows to reduce pain caused by the transplant incisions. Thanks to our program sponsor, Paragonix for their support of this family program.

For more information about the pillow program, contact your social worker or email Enduring Hearts Pillows

About Paragonix, their mission is to create a new standard for organ preservation and transport that improves patient outcomes worldwide. We strive to protect the ultimate donation with the dignity and safety it deserves to give patients every possible advantage to thrive.

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