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Marietta, GA (July 11, 2014) – Enduring Hearts, a nonprofit organization that awards operating grants to established members of academic staff at universities, transplant centers, and research institutes for research projects in organ transplantation, has partnered with Shop2Give, an innovative new fundraising solution, which captures revenue from supporters’ online purchases, in-store mobile transactions, and mobile donations. Enduring Hearts will earn an average of 2-3% on every purchase-at no extra cost for Enduring Hearts or charity supporters.

“This innovative program will not only increase our ability to fund additional research, it will also increase public awareness about the need for advancement in the science of organ transplantation,” said Patrick Gahan, Director and Treasurer of Enduring Hearts.

With this new partnership, Enduring Hearts now opensup submissions for new grant applicants. While Enduring Hearts funds research that increases the longevity of organ transplants for all ages, the foundation primarily gives priority to research with pediatric benefits, especially with regards to pediatric heart transplant recipients.

“Enduring Hearts aims to promote research and development by offering grants for early stage projects that have the potential to lead to major breakthroughs in the field of pediatric heart transplantation,” said William Mahle, MD, Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University, and Medical Director of Clinical Research and Heart Transplant Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. “It is anticipated that studies funded by Enduring Hearts will lead to larger scale projects funded by extramural agencies such as the National Institutes of Health or American Heart Association.”

The Enduring Hearts Scientific Advisory Committee will make their grant selection(s) by middle of September, based on the areas of scientific interest listed below (in order of priority).

  1. Technology Application: Development of new technologies or applications there of that would improve the care of transplant patients and thereby impact outcomes.
  2. Transplant Immunology: Research and development of novel immunotherapies, identification of novel targets, improving the side effect profiles of these agents as well as better monitoring and measurement of immunosuppression.
  3. Organ Matching: Strategies and innovations that would allow better organ matching and allocation.
  4. Medication Compliance: Strategies to improve medication compliance, especially in adolescent patients and young adults.
  5. Education: Improving patient and family education related to transplantation.

Projects outside of these areas will be considered based on merit and potential impact. For projects that pertain to technology and applications, there will be no transfer of intellectual property to the organization. However, any clarifications or exceptions deemed appropriate, on an individual case basis, will be a part of the final grant approval.

For current grant opportunities as well as any inquiries regarding the organization, please contact please contact Sean Bell at or call 310-426-9900.

About Enduring Hearts:
Enduring Hearts is a nonprofit organization that awards operating grants to established members of academic staff at universities, transplant centers, and research institutes for research projects in organ transplantation. Enduring Hearts seeks to enhance lives by funding research to increase the longevity of organ transplants. The results of the funded research projects will contribute to the knowledge about many aspects of the clinical and scientific transplantation, e.g. the mechanisms of long-term organ deterioration, the consequences of tissue injury and the opportunities to intervene in these processes.

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