Donation Dollars at Work! Meet Dr. Jonathan B. Edelson Enduring Hearts 2021 Fall Direct Grant Awardee

Enduring Hearts funds innovative research to reduce organ rejection and extend the life for children living with new hearts. There are many ways to address this critical problem. Dr. Edelson’s lab is looking at the impact of exercise on improving outcomes for children. Heart families are looking for preventative, modifiable measures to help their child.

“Given the known benefits of exercise on mental, physical, and vascular health, regular physical activity may be a critical and modifiable way in which to enhance graft survival and improve quality of life for pediatric heart recipients” – Dr. Edelson Dr. Edelson’s Grant Study is called “MIGHTEE. Motivational Interviewing and Group Heart Transplant Exercise and Education: A Pilot Study” and is being conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Prior to transplant many children suffer from severe heart disease and are not able to be physically active. Dr. Edelson will study if virtual group exercise programs increase physical activity of children who have received a heart transplant leading to improved quality of life and graft survival.

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