Past Funded Research Project – Transplant Longevity 

CD122 Targeted Theragnostic for Detection and Prevention of Heart Transplant Rejection

Primary Investigators: Dr. Dave Matthews, PhD

Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology

Funding began in 2019.

This study was funded in 2019, with a focus on the prevention and earlier detection of rejection through the use of CD122 cells among pediatric heart transplant recipients.


Please read below to learn more about this research project or click here to view the full technical abstract and grant proposal. 

New knowledge from the team from Emory University is that our bodies have a type of cell that have a label on them, CD122, that are found in hearts undergoing rejection. Over the next 2 years, this team will use an experimental model of rejection following heart transplantation to determine if increased numbers of CD122 cells can be detected in rejecting hearts from outside the body. The same tool used to detect CD122, an antibody, will also be tested to see if giving that antibody will prevent later rejection. We will learn in two years how this works in practice and share that with you.


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